Michael J Fox Surprise Baftas Appearance Brings Tears

Michael J Fox received a glowing intro at Baftas, described as a "true legend of cinema" before surprising the crowd.


The Back to the Future star, who uses a wheelchair, made a point to stand at the podium while presenting the Best Film award. 

Stood to Present

In his speech, Fox spoke eloquently about cinema's magic to bring people together and "change your life."


The appearance brought the audience to their feet for a lengthy standing ovation, many with tears for the actor living with Parkinson's.  

Standing Ovation 

Fox has made very few public appearances since his Parkinson’s diagnosis in the 1990s, making his Baftas moment more poignant.


A documentary about Michael J Fox's experiences with Parkinson's disease, Still, was nominated but lost at the Baftas.  

Documentary Nom 

Viewers posted across social media that they cried seeing Fox speak so passionately while managing his condition.

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