Matthew Morrison Reveals He Wanted Off Glee

Matthew Morrison revealed he asked Glee producers to let him off the show in season 5 because he felt underutilized as teacher Will Schuester.


He was set to exit but decided to stay after lead actor Cory Monteith tragically died of overdose in 2013 during filming of season 4.


Matthew said Cory's passing created mixed emotions between his own wants vs grieving the loss of his close friend and costar.

Mixed Emotions

He decided to continue as a professional for the show and was given a pay increase. Matthew said he "did his job" but it remained stressful.  


Negative feedback about his Glee character online took a toll, resulting in Matthew struggling with psoriasis flare ups from the constant pressure.

Criticism Toll

Still, Matthew cherishes being part of Glee’s cultural impact and prominence within the societal zeitgeist that will stand the test of time.

Cultural Legacy  

Working on Glee brought Matthew both immense highs but also devastating lows, between its popularity and tragedies behind the scenes. 

Bittersweet Job

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