Katy Perry Polls Fans on Orlando Bloom's Photo Shoot

Katy Perry reposted Orlando Bloom's new shirtless pics from Perfect magazine, polling fans if they'd "hit it."

Steamy Shoot

Orlando's artsy photo shoot followed different color themes as he posed shirtless and in eclectic clothes in a bathroom and against a white backdrop. 

Colorful Poses

The engaged couple enjoys dressing up in alien costumes and keeping things lighthearted while committed to raising 3-year-old daughter Daisy.

Committed Fun 

Katy and Orlando did a 3-month sober reset pact together in 2023, saying it’s easier to better themselves as a couple.   

Sobriety Pact  

While Katy no doubt finds Orlando hot, she cheekily asked her Instagram followers if they also would "hit it" regarding her sexy fiancé.

Steamy Question 

Katy gushed over Orlando at the 2024 Golden Globes, calling him "insanely handsome" as they make both parenting and their careers priorities.  

Loving Support

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom love having fun together whether dressing up in costumes, getting cheeky on social media, or walking red carpets.

Playful Pair

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