Hischier Leads Devils to Victory at MetLife Stadium

Nico Hischier showcased his leadership as the Devils' captain, scoring two goals and an assist in their 6-3 victory against the Flyers at MetLife Stadium.


With Hischier's lightning-fast goal just 32 seconds into the game, the Devils set the tone for a commanding performance, securing a crucial win in their playoff chase.


Despite a strong push from the Flyers, the Devils maintained their composure, with goaltender Nico Daws making 43 saves to keep the momentum in their favor.


Hischier's stellar performance not only earned praise from teammates but also propelled the Devils closer to a playoff spot, igniting hope among fans for a successful season.


This landmark event marked the first time consecutive NHL Stadium Series games were played with fans, adding to the excitement.


The game saw a Stadium Series-record 85 shots, showcasing the intensity and competitiveness of outdoor hockey while setting a new benchmark for future events.


Embracing tradition, both teams arrived at the stadium in themed attire, adding a fun and spirited element to the game reminiscent of past outdoor matchups.


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