Topuria Claims Featherweight Title at UFC 298

Ilia Topuria, the first Georgian to win a UFC title, stopped Alexander Volkanovski in the second round at UFC 298. Topuria's victory marks a historic moment in MMA.


With precision striking, Topuria controlled the first round, setting the stage for a sensational finish. His relentless pursuit of victory showcased his determination.


Topuria staggered Volkanovski with a powerful combination before flooring him with a decisive right hand followed by a left hook, ending the fight in the second round.


Throughout the promotion, Topuria exuded confidence, even swiping the title belt off the table in front of Volkanovski. His self-belief was unwavering.


Topuria's bold declarations of victory manifested into reality as he claimed the featherweight title. His unwavering self-belief propelled him to success.


Topuria's win sparked celebrations in both Georgia and Spain, showcasing the global impact of his achievement. It's a momentous occasion for MMA fans worldwide.


Former middleweight champion Robert Whittaker showcased a resurgence, bouncing back from a previous loss with a unanimous decision victory over Paulo Costa.


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