Hilary Swank Reveals Twins, Aya and Ohm

Hilary Swank delights fans by revealing the names of her newborn twins, Aya and Ohm, through an Instagram post featuring a heartwarming beach photo.


Swank's announcement extends beyond her twins' names as she joins forces with the Healthy Baby Foundation, aiming to enhance maternity care.


As Chief Innovation Officer, Swank expresses her dedication to the Healthy Baby Foundation, emphasizing the importance of safety and optimal care for infants worldwide.


CEO Shazi Visram welcomes Swank's involvement, highlighting their shared vision to empower families and foster healthy, connected, and resilient babies worldwide.

Partnering for Change

Swank's eventful week continues with an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where she shares insights into motherhood and surprises Fallon with a thoughtful gift.


Swank reflects on the joys and challenges of motherhood, describing it as an extraordinary experience filled with boundless love and happiness despite its demands.

Motherhood Joy

Swank expresses gratitude to fans for their support and excitement, embracing the journey of motherhood and her continued endeavors in philanthropy and acting.


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