Arizona Basketball Climbs to No. 5 in AP Poll

Arizona men’s basketball achieves a significant milestone, advancing to No. 5 in the AP poll following an impressive road sweep against Utah and Colorado.


Voters recognize Arizona's stellar performance, elevating the Wildcats to their highest ranking since December. With 1,241 votes.


Despite being the sole Pac-12 representative in the top 25, Arizona's success highlights the conference's competitiveness.

Pac-12 Dominance

Arizona's impressive resume includes victories over top-ranked teams like Duke, Alabama, and Wisconsin, solidifying their position.


With seven Quad 1 wins, Arizona stands among the elite programs in the country, ranking third in the NCAA NET rankings.

Elite Status

Arizona basketball continues to rise in prominence, capturing the attention of fans and analysts alike with their remarkable achievements and relentless determination.

Rising Stars

Arizona emerges as a serious contender for postseason success, poised to make a deep run in the NCAA tournament with their exceptional skills and unwavering determination.

NCAA Contender

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