Top 7 Zodiacs Prone to Heartbreak in Relationships

Geminis tend to struggle with commitment and can get restless in relationships. Their duality makes them prone to changing their minds often.


Libras hate conflict and will avoid it, even at the expense of their own happiness. This causes problems in relationships.


Cancers are very emotionally sensitive. Their feelings get hurt easily, leading to heartbreak. They have trouble moving on.


Pisces idealize love and relationships. When reality doesn't match their fantasy, they get disappointed, causing heartbreak.


Sagittarians value freedom and get bored easily. They may abruptly end relationships to seek new adventures.


Virgos are perfectionists with high standards. When partners don't live up to expectations, Virgos become critical, damaging relationships.


Leos crave attention and praise. They take breakups that bruise their ego very hard and struggle to recover.


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