Top 7 Facts about Scottish Terrier Dog Breed

Scottish Terriers, or "Scotties," hail from Scotland and were initially bred to hunt vermin like rats and foxes on farms and in homes.


With their distinctive wiry coat, pointy ears, and compact build, Scottish Terriers exude an unmistakable charm and dignified presence.


Contempt their small stature, Scotties possess a bold and independent spirit, often described as feisty yet loyal companions.


Maintaining their signature coat requires regular brushing and occasional hand-stripping to keep it looking tidy and healthy.


While they enjoy daily walks, Scottish Terriers are relatively low-energy dogs, making them suitable for apartment living with moderate exercise.

 Exercise Needs

Scotties are intelligent and quick learners but can also be stubborn, requiring patient and consistent training methods.


Like many breeds, Scottish Terriers may be prone to certain health issues, including skin problems, von Willebrand's disease, and orthopedic concerns.


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