Top 7 Facts about Saluki Dog Breed

Salukis, ancient sighthounds revered for their speed and grace, have a lineage dating back to antiquity as royal companions.


With their slender build, elegant frame, and silky coat, Salukis epitomize beauty and athleticism in the canine world.


Known for their gentle and reserved nature, Salukis form strong bonds with their families while retaining a regal demeanor.


Contempt their calm demeanor indoors, Salukis require regular exercise, including ample space for running and chasing.

Exercise Needs

Generally healthy, Salukis may be prone to certain conditions like heart murmurs and hip dysplasia, requiring regular vet check-ups.


Their short, smooth coat requires minimal grooming, making Salukis low-maintenance in terms of grooming needs.


While Salukis thrive in homes with ample space to roam, they can adapt well to urban environments with proper exercise and stimulation.


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