Top 7 Cats With Big Ears

Sphynx cats boast large ears, accentuating their unique appearance. Despite their hairless coat, they're affectionate companions known for their playful nature.


Scottish Fold cats are renowned for their charming folded ears, adding to their adorable demeanor. They're gentle, loving pets that enjoy close bonds with their owners.

Scottish Fold

Oriental cats sport large, pointed ears that contribute to their sleek profile. Highly intelligent and energetic, they make lively and devoted companions.


Devon Rex cats exhibit prominent ears that enhance their elf-like appearance. They're active, affectionate cats known for their playful antics and outgoing personalities.

Devon Rex

American Curl cats possess unique ears that curl backward, giving them a distinctive look. They're friendly, curious pets that enjoy interactive play and affectionate moments.

American Curl

Cornish Rex cats have large ears that complement their slender bodies. They're active, affectionate cats known for their sleek coats and playful nature.

Cornish Rex

Egyptian Mau cats exhibit large, alert ears that contribute to their regal appearance. They're intelligent, loyal pets known for their striking spotted coats and lively personalities.

Egyptian Mau

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