These 7 Zodiac Signs Make Intense Passionate Lovers

Sexy and magnetic Scorpios are the most famously passionate lovers of the zodiac. They love profoundly and form an almost psychic bond with partners.


Nurturing Cancers deeply cherish their loved ones. Extremely affectionate, they thrive on physical and emotional intimacy with their partner.


Sensual Taureans view sex as a way to form intimate bonds. They make caring yet intense lovers who aim to please and be pleased.  


Proud Leos love wholeheartedly and bring tremendous warmth to relationships. Their boundless enthusiasm makes them attentive, creative lovers.


Exciting, adventurous Sagittarians have incredible stamina and passion. They embrace intimacy with joy and constantly keep things lively.


Fiery Aries dives headfirst into romance with fierce passion. Impulsive and eager lovers, they pursue partners with relentless verve.  


Charming Libras thrive on mutual pleasure - they are exceptionally attentive to a partner's wants and needs between the sheets. 


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