These 7 Zodiac Signs Face Lonely Times Ahead

Quirky Aquarians often feel misunderstood. Their avant-garde ideas and innovative visions mean they don't fit in. More solo pursuits lie ahead.


Virgos have high standards - and most people disappoint them. Their perfectionism will make relationships and social situations frustrating.


Pragmatic Capricorns are ambitious go-getters who prioritize career growth. But their no-nonsense attitude can distance friends and partners.


Intense Scorpios scare others away with their secretive nature and intimidating personalities. Their next chapter may involve retreating from crowds.


Stubborn Taureans stick staunchly to their beliefs and values - which are often at odds with societal norms. 


Sensitive Cancers take everything to heart. They'll grow tired of getting hurt and withdraw to protect themselves emotionally.


Otherworldly Pisces feel alienated by reality's harshness. They'll escape stress via fantasy, creative pursuits and peaceful isolation.


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