The Rock Teases Major ZOA Announcement  

The Rock's recent social media video has fans speculating about a major announcement for his ZOA energy drink on Feb 19.


As a founder, he continues to strategically boost the profile of ZOA as a top player in the booming energy drink space.

ZOA Brand Growth  

Leveraging his current high-profile WWE comeback to build further buzz around his various business ventures.


Remains focused on main eventing WWE's biggest show while also handling his various entertainment projects. 


His bid to fight Reigns at WrestleMania hit a snag due to fan backlash over Cody Rhodes Roadblock. 

Rhodes Roadblock  

Recently joined as a new board member for WWE's parent company TKO Group Holdings in a big executive role.   

Boardroom Power

Continues to leverage his wrestling fame into huge business success across entertainment, fitness & more.

Crossover Star

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