Mahindra Reduces Its Order Backlog to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Mahindra achieves significant progress in reducing its order backlog, with only 2.26 lakh open orders for its SUVs as of February 1, 2024, marking a notable decrease from previous figures.


The carmaker adopts proactive measures to address the backlog by scaling up production, currently reaching approximately 49,000 units per month.


A remarkable achievement is seen with the XUV700, where the order backlog is halved to 35,000 units, demonstrating Mahindra's effective strategies in meeting customer demand and optimizing production.

XUV700 Success

Contempt significant progress, challenges persist with the Scorpio and Thar models, which collectively account for over 75% of the backlog.

Scorpio and Thar Impact

The Thar, in particular, faces extended waiting periods, with the RWD variant commanding a one-year waiting period, underscoring the demand and popularity of this model among consumers.

Thar Waiting Period

While addressing major backlog areas, Mahindra also tackles pending orders for the Bolero, XUV300, and XUV400, aiming to optimize production.

Bolero and XUV Series

With a reduction in booking cancellations and enhanced production capabilities, Mahindra aims to further improve customer satisfaction and reinforce its position in the competitive SUV market.

Customer Satisfaction

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