Galaxy S24 Feature Could Come to Galaxy S23 Phones Soon

Samsung prepares to bring the Galaxy S24's Instant Slow-Mo feature to previous-gen devices, including the Galaxy S23 series.


Galaxy S23, Galaxy Tab S9, Galaxy Z Fold 5, and Galaxy Z Flip 5 are among the devices slated to receive Instant Slow-Mo through a software update.


Powered by AI frame generation, Instant Slow-Mo transforms standard videos into captivating slow-motion footage, enhancing user creativity.

Instant Slow-Mo

The feature necessitates 16.6 milliseconds for seamless real-time playback, indicating compatibility with select 2023 flagships equipped with sufficient processing capabilities.

Processing Power

Anticipate Instant Slow-Mo's integration with Samsung's One UI 6.1 update, expected to roll out as early as next month, enriching the user experience.

Software Update

Future updates promise expanded compatibility, including support for 10-bit videos, 480p resolution, and MOV files, enhancing the feature's versatility and functionality.


The introduction of Instant Slow-Mo to previous-gen devices underscores Samsung's commitment to delivering innovative features, ensuring users stay current and engaged.


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