Beyoncé Says Pixie Cut was an Act of Rebellion

Beyoncé recalls impulsively cutting off her long locks into a pixie cut in 2013, calling it an act of rebellion. 

Drastic Style

Felt the drastic change represented shedding expectations put upon her and liberating transformation as a new mother.


Says it marked a big emotional change she was going through at the time rather than just an aesthetic choice. 


Wanted to rebel against performing the role of woman that society expected; was an intentional, bold move.  

Defying Demands

Credits mom Tina's hair salon, watching her style hair, as early inspiration for Bey's passion for haircare. 

Motherly Influences 

Bey returns to her roots with new haircare brand Cécrid, inspired by childhood memories with mom Tina.

Full Circle Moment

Doesn't second-guess the impromptu decision to chop it all off; calls it a liberating first of many bold moves.  

No Regrets

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