All-Star Offense, East Triumphs 211-186, Records Broken

The All-Star Game shatters multiple records, with the East's 211-186 victory marking the highest-scoring game in history.


Lillard's 39-point MVP performance leads the East to victory, supported by a barrage of records including the most 3-pointers made and highest combined score in All-Star history.


Both teams unleash an offensive onslaught, with standout performances from Karl-Anthony Towns and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.


Lillard's historic weekend culminates in an All-Star MVP award, making him only the second player to win both an individual event and MVP.

All-Star MVP

The All-Star Game captivates with dazzling displays of skill and showmanship, highlighted by Lillard's long-range shooting and electrifying plays from both sides.


While defense takes a backseat, the game delivers thrilling moments and incredible athleticism, showcasing the unparalleled talent of NBA stars in a fun-filled.


Despite the focus on offense, the All-Star Game pays homage to basketball legends like Larry Bird, emphasizing the importance of competition.


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