7 Zodiac Signs leaving kitchen cabinets open 

Aries, impulsive and energetic, often forget to close kitchen cabinets in their hurry to move on to the next task.


Geminis, known for their scattered energy, might leave kitchen cabinets open due to being engrossed in multiple activities at once.


Leos, confident and sometimes careless, might leave cabinets open after grabbing what they need, focusing on the task at hand.


Sagittarians, free-spirited and absent-minded, may wander off after getting what they need, leaving the cabinets ajar in their wake.


Aquarians, innovative and unconventional, might leave cabinets open while brainstorming ideas or lost in thought.


Pisceans, dreamy and easily distracted, may leave cabinets open as they drift off into their imaginative worlds while cooking or grabbing snacks.


Capricorns, focused and practical, are unlikely to leave cabinets open unless they're multitasking and forget to close them in the process.


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